Instructions on how to withdraw money from 789club quickly and safely

Meta: Is withdrawing money at the 789club game portal really as difficult and complicated as people think? Please refer to the following 789club withdrawal methods for more details.

Instructions on how to withdraw money from 789club quickly and safely

789club is one of the trustworthy reward game portals for you to participate in. Besides, the playground also allows people to deposit and withdraw quickly. Let’s learn how to withdraw money from 789club quickly and safely in the following content.

Learn briefly about how to withdraw money from 789club

Withdrawing money is the operation that many gamers at 789club want to do the most. At the same time, the game portal has also updated and diversified the forms of withdrawal. In particular, people can withdraw money from 789club through many modern methods such as: Bank, Scratch Card, E-Wallet and Bitcoin.

789club supports diverse withdrawal methods

Instructions on how to withdraw money from 789club in all forms

Currently, it can be said that 789club is one of the most modern exchange game portals that support transactions. For each form of withdrawal, players will have required actions to perform. Below are these How to withdraw money from 789club and specific instructions.

Way Withdraw 789club money via Bank

This is the first form of withdrawal and is chosen and implemented by many players. Specifically, if you want to withdraw money via Nclose Everyone needs to do the following:

  • Step 1: Log in to the gamer account that needs to withdraw money at 789club.
  • Step 2: In the withdrawal section, people choose the transaction method via Bank.
  • Step 3: Select the Bank to transact with, fill in the account number, account name and amount to withdraw.
  • Step 4: Complete the transaction by clicking the withdraw button.

Way Withdraw 789club money via scratch card

Scratch cards are a classic form of money withdrawal suitable for those who do not have a bank account. To withdraw money using this form, players only need to follow simple steps. In particular, step 1 and step 2 are similar to withdrawing money from 789club via bank.

Instructions on how to withdraw money from 789club via scratch card

Next you need to choose the transaction method which is a scratch card and choose the network to withdraw from. Finally, select the scratch card denomination in the empty box and finish by clicking change card. Note that for withdrawing money via scratch card, the minimum face value for one transaction is 50,000 VND and the maximum is 500,000 VND.

Besides, players are also supported to withdraw money via e-wallets and virtual currencies. Currently, these two transaction forms are being completed by 789club and will be provided to customers as soon as possible. As soon as these two trading methods are completed, we will have detailed instructions.

Things to keep in mind when withdrawing money from the 789club game portal

Besides understanding the withdrawal steps, players must also pay attention to the following issues:

  • Game portal 789club requires players to carefully check all transaction information before withdrawing money. Once you click done, your decision cannot be changed.
  • Make sure the information used to register your account is genuine and authenticated.
  • During the withdrawal process, if any problem occurs, players need to immediately contact customer service staff for support.
  • Make sure to read and understand all terms and conditions during transactions at 789club.

FAQ – CFrequently asked questions when withdrawing money from 789club

Reality shows that many people have encountered certain difficulties when performing this transaction. So below are the answers to some questions about how to withdraw money from 789club.

What information do players need to provide?

The first thing everyone needs Make sure you have provided complete personal information to register an account. Along with that is the information required by each form of transaction. For example, carrier name or account number, account name,…

Players need to provide complete information when withdrawing money

When can I withdraw money?

789club is ready to receive and process all your withdrawal requests from Monday to Sunday. At any time of the day, players can place a withdrawal order and receive immediate support. However, if you withdraw money in the evening and on weekends, the waiting time will be longer.

What should I do if I have not received money from 789club?

This situation is often caused by many reasons such as: Network congestion, poor connection speed or incorrect operations.First, players should check the information in your withdrawal request. If all information is correct, you should immediately contact customer service for timely support.

Does 789club game portal charge transaction fees?

Currently, 789club does not collect any fees when players place withdrawal orders. Therefore, everyone can be completely assured about the amount of money in their account. Along with that, the game portal also commits to protecting the absolute safety of customers’ accounts.


It can be confirmed that vWithdrawing money at 789club is a completely simple and easy transaction. You just need to understand the process and follow the correct steps and necessary requirements. Through this article, we hope to help you gain more information and be more confident about how to withdraw money from 789club.